Chairman's Message

Welcome to the world of Emirates Diving Association – EDA. We feel very proud to re-launch our Emirates Diving Association website which reflects the timely growth of interest in diving and the marine environment throughout the region.

We fully intend that this website becomes our voice within the local, regional and International diving communities, and also hope it can add our voice to global discussions relating to the marine environment.

As a nation of seafarers and pearl divers, we are historically and socially indebted to our seas. Our timeless heritage and traditions as people dependent on fisheries and seaborne trade have contributed enormously towards our regional prosperity and development.

From the earliest times, our pearl diving history allowed us to develop an intimate relationship with our natural world. Many of our seafarers, divers and fishermen had the instinctive ability to read every wave, to hear the wind and to feel the forces of nature. In today's world, instinct has largely been replaced by academics. The old ways make way for the new and our quest for prosperity makes way for a desire to further knowledge and understanding. As more and more scientists and divers explore the boundaries of our coastline, the information they unveil will become paramount to our government's efforts towards ensuring the survival of our seas.

Part of the reason we felt it necessary to launch a website of this nature, is to help people understand that our waters have been revealed to be rich and special. Divers are generally very aware of the fragility of the oceans, and we want to encourage the diving community to use their knowledge in helping others understand the need for our marine world. The simplest way this can be achieved is through passing on acquired knowledge to others.

EDA is fully committed to create a harmonious and healthy diving environment so that future generations will continue to enjoy the same marine life and experiences that we have. Over time, we shall be developing many ways for divers and non-divers to participate with us in events, expeditions and research.

EDA is a non-profit organization consisting of a handful of volunteers sharing a common goal - a love for the sea. We have set our goals with the best intentions in mind. Nevertheless we understand the controversy surrounding any environmental subject and are willing to listen to and share your thoughts. Therefore, we call on those concerned individuals, organizations and agencies with a similar or common interest to come forward, suggest an improvement, prepare an idea, share a thought or even lend a hand. We need your help and you can definitely make a difference.

Yours Sincerely,

Essa Abdulla Al Ghurair