Freediving is the most liberating and calming way to explore the underwater world because it is...

Free from equipment – With Freediving you can be as free as any other creature in the sea. All you need is a pair of fins, a snorkel, a mask and a qualified buddy

Free from breath – Freediving literally takes your breath away. Because you are quiet, you can hear the silence of the sea making it easier to connect with its serenity.

Free yourself – To fully appreciate your underwater experience you need to be still inside. This stillness will liberate and exhilarate you.

Freediving is a whole new way to explore the underwater world and yourself.

If you haven't tried it then e-mail us at or follow us on . FreedivingUAE teach AIDA (Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving) introductory (AIDA * Freediver) to advanced (AIDA **** Freediver) freediving courses and we run courses across the UAE all year round.

We look foward to freediving with you soon!

Alex Boulting | AIDA Master Instructor